Hair fall, also termed hair loss, is a very well-known lifestyle  ailment. With today’s indoors and unhealthy lifestyle, about  60% of the population suffers from hair fall. 

This condition is hyped in society because of the social stigma of one going bald. Therefore hair fall is also a social disapproval.  Hair, being a protein filament of dermis plays a very  important role in image.

Your hair is often lost every day due to wear and tear, but the inability to regrow hair at the lost spots is termed as Hair fall.  Long-standing Hair fall is termed Hair loss. 

Causes for Hair Fall:

Stopping a problem's cause is the first line of treatment. Knowing what causes the problem is therefore critical. 

Lack of lubrication

The hair receives nutrients through the scalp, so it is crucial to moisturize it properly. When adequate lubrication is not provided, hair lose their strength, leading to hair loss. 

Repeated Hair Wash

Washing your hair repeatedly loosens the hair root. This results in Hair fall. 


An Unhealthy scalp does not nourish your hair strands. This results in Hair fall. 

Nutrient Deficiency

Deficiency of vitamin-A, Vitamin-C,  Vitamin-D, Iron and Calcium.

Hormonal Dysfunction

Hormonal ailments like  Hypothyroidism, Menopause, pregnancy, Diabetes.

Usage of chemical based hair Products

Using chemical-based hair products on your delicate scalp surface can damage it. 


Increased level of stress being part and parcel of everyone’s life. This decreases blood supply to the scalp.  


Our hair’s texture, shine, length, volume,  darkness, thickness is a gift from our ancestors. Therefore, our DNA plays a major role to Hair growth and Hair fall. 

Toxic Chemicals in Commercially available Haircare Products

  • Butylated Compounds: Known to cause cancer, reproductive impairment, and endocrine impairment along with organ toxicity. Labeled as BHA, BHT on products.
  • Light Liquid Paraffin: Known to cause skin irritation and cancer when used for long duration. Labelled as LLP on bottle labels.
  • Tertiary Butyl Hydroquinone: Known to cause cancer. Labelled as TBHQ on product.
  • Artificial Color: Known to cause eye irritation and skin irritation. Termed as Brilliant blue, Tartrazine, FCF on bottle labels.
  • Artificial Fragrance: Known to cause cancer. Termed as parfum on product label. 
  • Coal: Known to cause cancer and organ toxicity. Termed as Estar, Lavatar on labels
  • Dioxane: Known to cause cancer along with organ toxicity. Termed as Peg Compounds, SLS, Oleth on labels.
  • Benzophenone: known to cause cancer, reproductive impairment and endocrine impairment along with organ toxicity. Termed as Benzophenone on labels.
  • Ethanolamine: Known to cause cancer and organ toxicity. Termed as DEA, TEA, MEA on product labels.
  • Formaldehyde: Known to cause Cancer, skin irritation. Termed as DMDM, formaldehyde on product labels.
  • Hydroquinone: Known to cause cancer and respiratory tract irritation. Termed as Hydroquinone on product labels.
  • Mineral Oil: Known to cause skin irritation. Termed as Mineral oil on product label

Let’s test ourselves with 5 steps that might indicate if you  really face hair fall : 

  1. The average person loses up to 15 hair strands a day, but hair loss is not diagnosed unless the rate at which hair regrows is lower than the rate at which hair is lost. 
  2. After you wake up, examine your pillow. If your pillow has more than 10 hair strands, you are suffering from hair loss. 
  3. Check your towel after your hair wash, if there are more than 10 hair strands, you are suffering from hair loss.
  4. Check your clothes to see if more than five hairs are tangled up in them throughout the day; if so, you may be losing hair. 
  5. Run your hand through your hair three times to see if there are more than five hairs. If there are, you are experiencing hair loss. 

If all the tests indicate you suffer hair fall, then, yes, it’s time  you think about getting your hair fall treated before you end  up losing more hair. 

Remedies for Hair Fall :

Quick remedies that you can adapt in day to day routine that can help in arresting Hair fall.

  • Adapt to using herbal oil for the scalp. 
  • Reduce the frequency of hair wash.
  • Treat dandruff with herbal products. 
  • Regular check on nutrients is advised. 
  • Check on Hormonal dysfunction is advised  
  • Avoid usage of chemical-based hair products and adapt to using herbal-based oil.
  • Practice breathing techniques to bring down stress levels. 
  • Keep a check on hereditary ailments and follow healthy regimes to delay the onset of hereditary ailments. 

Hair fall Management: 

It is much better to prevent hair loss than to cure it. Therefore, let's discuss how to manage it before it's too late. 

1. Lubrication

This plays an important role in hair growth.  Lubricants which are herbal based are advised.  

Clinically approved Herbcience Pro-V Keratin oil which is herbal based is advised by most doctors to arrest hair fall. 

Herbcience Pro-V Keratin oil contains Bringaraj13, Loha Bhasma(Iron)14, Sesame oil15, Methi16, and other herbs which promote hair growth. This is enriched with  Vitamin-C, Vitamin-E, Vitamin-A, Amino acids,  Omega 3 fatty acids, Minerals, Glycosides. This enhances the production of keratin, a protein that plays the main role in hair growth. 

Phyto-components like Apigenin, Lignans, Beta sitosterol, Gallic acid, Ellagic Acid, Oleic Acid etc. are   present in . These act as  DHT blockers and inhibit TGB-B to promote hair  growth. 

2. Promoting Healthy scalp

An unhealthy scalp is considered to be the main cause of hair fall. Therefore a healthy scalp plays an important role in promoting hair growth. Clinically approved  Herbcience Pro-V Keratin Shampoo which is herbal based is a deep cleanser that promotes a healthy scalp. This nourishes the scalp and promotes hair growth. 

Herbcience Pro- V Keratin Shampoo is 100%  natural herbal based shampoo with no added  chemicals, no added artificial preservatives or color or fragrances, also 100% safe, free from parabens,  silicones, DEA, TEA, SLS, SLES, PEG. This is enriched with Bringaraj13, Brahmi17, Amla18 and other herbs which  promote healthy scalp and hair growth.

It also contains  herbal bio-actives like saponins and herbal  exfoliates like Kojic Acid cleanses scalp deeply . It also protects hair from dust and pollutants . Herbcience Pro-V-Keratin Shampoo contains  strong anti-fungal properties with  phytocomponents like Lawsones, Zinc Compounds  arrest dandruff causing fungi.

This Shampoo contains all  herbs with Vitamin-C, Vitamin-E, Vitamin-A, Amino  acids. It is also rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, Minerals and Glycosides  which enhance production of keratin protein. So, this Keratin plays the main role in hair growth.

3. Conditioning Hair

To maintain the condition of hair conditioning plays an important role

To protect and maintain the texture, volume,  length, darkness and thickness of the hair,  conditioning of hair is the key.  Herbcience Pro-V-Keratin Hair Conditioner– conditions the hair  with smooth texture, retains volume, thickness , darkness and promotes hair growth.

Herbcience Pro-V- Keratin Hair Conditioner is  enriched with Almond19,Aloe20, Shea Butter21,Coconut oil22,olive oil23,Jojoba oil24that provide sufficient hydration to hair.  It contains herbs based fatty acids like lauric, Myristic, omega-3 nutrients that prevent water  loss and moisturizes the hair to enhance hair  volume.

This Conditioner contains phytocomponents like Apigenin, Eugenol,  Gallic acid, Rosemary25prevent hair loss. 

4. Arrest that stress that cause hair fall: 

With the current hassle lifestyle, most of us are under pressure. With this condition,  relaxation is a must for us. Stress is being the main cause of hair fall. Herbcience Rejuvenating Head  massage oil, enriched with Bringaraj13, Brahmi17, Neelini26, when used regularly improves  blood supply to the scalp and promotes hair growth.

Herbcience Rejuvenating Head massage oil  also promotes hair growth and protects hair color. This is enriched with  Phytocomponents like Vitamin-B6 and Quercetin  which reduces stress and provides relaxation.  Phytocomponents like Indigotin, Flavones,  Apigenin and Luteolin protects hair color.  Phytocomponents like Beta-sitosterol, Eugenol,  and Apigenin promote hair growth. 

Therefore, usage of herbal products is the thumb rule. 

Why choose Herbcience?

Herbcience is a 100% transparent brand and all the products are developed by doctors, with the fresh extractions of herbs. They are 100% Natural certified by ECOCERT - COSMOS Natural, a European Standard, AYUSH, Govt. of India, and compliant with MADE SAFE, USA.


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