Body Massage oil is a type of oil you use during massages. The oil mainly contains base oil and essential oils. The main function of it is to lubricate the skin and reduce friction during massages. Body massage oils available in the market have various chemicals to get the quick effect, appealing look, and fragrance. The chemicals like BHT, Parfum, and artificial fragrance in body massage oil can cause Cancer, Hormonal disruption, and Allergic reactions.

Body massage oils having natural ingredients, potential herbs, and essential oil help in regenerating skin cells, improving skin complexion, enhancing blood circulation, and relieving body pain. So, the best alternative to the chemical added body massage oil is using a 100% Natural oil certified by ECOCERT(France) per COSMOS Natural (European Standard) i.e., HERBCIENCE Rejuvenating Body Massage Oil.

A massage oil is a viscous substance that you apply to the skin to help massage. Massage oils help relieve muscle stiffness, soften and relax muscles, and help you feel at ease. Whether you want to improve the appearance of your face or the whole of your body, a massage oil is a great option.

The blood flow to the region being massaged is increased, the waste products are eliminated rapidly, and replenishing nutritional elements are restored. It also eliminates the dead skin cells, which allows the sweat glands, hair follicles, and sebaceous glands to function properly. The skin's exocrine glands secrete sebaceous fluids, which therefore improves lubrication and appearance.

There are two things to consider when choosing the right body massage oil: whether it feels good or not, whether it provides health benefits or not. In order to gain significant advantages, select the right product rather than one that would cause severe harm. 

Toxic Chemicals and their side-effects in commercially available Body Massage Oil:

Body massage also known as Abhyangam in Ayurveda is one of the daily regimes to be practiced.  It is usually done using the oil which is selected according to the need. But how do you know the oil you selected is safe? It sounds like a simple question, but it’s an important one. We live in a world that is teeming with chemicals where some of these can be linked to health problems.

The oil which we use for body massage is being mixed with chemicals to increase the shelf life and to make it more appealing. These chemicals not only have adverse effects on humans, but also damage the environment. So, considering this, we need to be aware of what we apply on our body. Have a look at the label, study the ingredients and then select wisely. 

Ingredients to be avoided in Body Massage Oil: 

  1. BHT- Butylated Hydroxytoluene is added to the body massage oil for the purpose of preservation. It protects from oxidation and rancidity. Based on an experimental study, BHT applied to the skin is associated with toxic effects in lung tissue 2. . Recently it has been reported as Genotoxic3
  2. Parabens: Parabens are a class of widely used preservatives. These cause endocrine disruption, carcinogenesis, infertility, spermatogenesis, adipogenesis, perinatal exposure impact, psychologic, and ecological effects4. It is also reported to cause allergic contact    dermatitis 5
  3. Fragrance: The most common types of adverse effects include respiratory problems, Migraine headaches, Skin problems, Asthma attacks, Neurological problems, Cognitive problems6

Safe Natural alternative ingredients for Body Massage oil 

  1. Oil improving skin complexion and reducing body ache 
  • Coconut oil
  • Sesame oil 
  • Turpentine oil 
  • Castor oil 
  1.  Herbs aiding in Skin Rejuvenation
  • Shatavari 
  • Manjista 
  • Haridra 

Prevention is the best and most effective way to work against extrinsic skin aging effects. The best prevention strategy against the harmful action of free radicals is a well-regulated lifestyle by following a daily regime like Abhyanga/ Body massage. The oil which we use plays a very important role to get the desired benefit. They mainly act by synergism i.e Oil along with the herbs which are incorporated together provide a positive impact on the Skin. How do they act? Yes! The answer is Phyto-constituents present in the herbs.

Phyto-constituents like Curcumin (Terpene) present in the herbs like Turmeric have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and astringent properties. It is also used to enhance skin penetration, hence preventing inflammatory diseases7. . Anthraquinones present in the herbs like Aloe vera, Aragwadha acts as skin-whitening agents to inhibit tyrosinase for dermal use8 .  

Flavonoids like Quercetin present in the herbs like Shatavari, Manjista can minimize adverse skin reactions caused by UVR thereby preventing negative effects on the skin including erythema, edema sunburned cells, hyperplasia, inflammation, immunosuppression, photoaging, and photo carcinogenesis 8.

Camphor is one of the most common ingredients in topical analgesics and pain relief medications. It can be used to treat muscle aches and pains by stimulating blood flow by interacting with sensory nerve receptors. Which natural body massage oil is the best for skin rejuvenation, improving skin tone, increasing blood flow, and reducing bodily aches and pains? 

HERBCIENCE – Rejuvenating Body Massage Oil – 100% Natural & 100% Safe 

Herbcience is the manufacturer of 100% Natural herbal based proprietary products for beauty and nourishment of skin, hair, and body. They explain the action in-depth at the Phyto-constituents level of the herbs and help in resolving the issues.

The Phyto-constituents present in the herbs like Glutathione, Anthraquinone, Curcuminoids present inhibit the Tyrosinase activity (which produces Melanin and responsible for dark skin appearance, helps in improving the skin complexion. Methyl salicylate, Cineole present in the herbs is Topical Analgesics. Tannins, Terpenoids, Xanthones, Quercetin present in the herbs possess Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Fungal, Anti-Microbial and Anti-Inflammatory properties. Vitamin A, Vitamin E present in the herbs helps in rejuvenation. 

For the ingredients list and the detailed description, please refer to

By this, we will get to know that the product works on your body with all the Phyto-constituents, Micronutrients. This Rejuvenating Body Massage Oil helps in Rejuvenation, enhances your blood circulation, and improves your complexion. It is also beneficial for body aches.

They have come up with animations that explain the basic skin anatomy which everyone can understand and the root cause for skin-related problems with a scientific solution linked to herbs. Do check out the 


Body massage is a great way to relax and rejuvenate your muscles. This ancient practice has been around for centuries, and it’s never more popular than today. There are many different types of oils on the market, but not all of them are created equal, so it can be hard to know which one to choose. Some of the oils will also contain toxic ingredients like Mineral oil, Parabens, etc. having adverse effects on the body.

Also, you need an oil that will suit your specific needs. For instance, some oils are better for muscle relaxation while others work better for Skin Complexion and Rejuvenation. We do not find single oil giving both the benefits. Also, there are various oils commercially with chemicals in it. Why use the brands loaded with chemicals? instead, jump on to the Natural brand.

But Luckily, Body Massage oil which is chemical free and performs multiple actions is available in Herbcience. It has come up with Natural solutions with its Personal care products. Just go and pick your choice for products from the wide range of personal care products that are 100% Natural and 100% Safe, certified by ECOCERT per Cosmos-Natural and compliant with Made Safe (USA). 

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