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Almost every personal care product contains chemicals and you may be using them unknowingly.

Here are some ugly truths about it:

◾ Almost 300 Chemicals/ day (1 Kg/ annum) Gets Into Your Body.

◾ 97% of the market is fully loaded with toxic chemical products.

◾ No Transparency; Only 20% of Ingredients Are Shown On The Product.

◾ 95% of the brands mislead you with terms like Natural, Organic, Ayurveda.

◾ We Contribute To 4 Million Tons of Harsh ChemicalsThat Washes Out Into Water Pollution.

Almost 300 Chemicals / Day (1 Kg/ Annum) Gets Into Your Body

Do Chemicals Really Get Into Our Body?

Let’s take an example here: when you apply body lotion to your skin, it disappears; where does it go? Evaporated?

Anything you apply to the skin gets absorbed into the skin and body, then gets into the bloodstream and accumulates over time in the organs.

Continuous accumulation of Toxic Chemicals in the Body may result in serious Health Hazards like hormonal disorders, reproductive issues, cancer, etc

Also, one of the top brands in the baby care segment is shifting to starch-based powders, the reason being the toxic side effects of the chemical ingredients that were used in the product.

97% Of The Market Is Fully Loaded With Toxic Chemical Products

97% of the cosmetic/beauty products available in the current market have toxic chemicals such as SLS, SLES, PEG, Sulphates, parabens, silicones, DEA, TEA etc. These chemicals can lead to serious health hazards over time, like Cancer, Hormonal Imbalance, Reproductive Issues, Early Ageing Symptoms etc.

Refer to the image that shows a label of Highest Selling Herbal Face Wash that contains 28 chemicals listed on the label, with 20 toxic chemicals (per international standards).



What Doctors Say About Toxic Cosmetics

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Know The Truth About The Market

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No Transparency: <20% Of Ingredients Are Shown On The Product

Only 20% of the ingredients are shown on the product. Rest 80% is hidden.

Usually, the complete list of ingredients is not mentioned anywhere on the product. You cannot trace what goes into your body and how harmful it can be in long-term usage. 

This is the result of no stringent regulations by the government. There is no transparency in the products that are being sold to you.

95% Of The Brands Mislead You With Terms Like ‘Natural', 'Organic' & 'Ayurveda'

We Contribute To Water Pollution By Flushing 4 Million Tons of Harsh Chemicals

How many rinse-off products like Shampoo, Face Wash, Body Wash do you use per day?

If you use around 10 products per day, it contains 30 chemicals and you are applying 10kg of harsh chemicals on your body that gets washed out and pollutes the environment.

These chemicals have an adverse effect on marine animals and if we drink that chemical water, it is deadly for us in the long term.

So, What’s The Solution To These Chemical Products?

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