Intimate hygiene of a person is a prime factor and necessary, in day-to-day life, in order to complete the well-being of a person. Intimate areas can easily be prone to infections, as it is a sensitive part of the body. There should be a proper regimen followed to take care of.

Females' intimate area is in such a way that, its PH, secretions, maintains vaginal health naturally. The PH of the vagina helps in maintaining the good bacteria present in the vagina, which acts as a defence mechanism. In some infectious conditions, this does not help much. 

Infections of the vagina might affect the reproductive organs. If the person is easily prone to such infections, it is advised to take extra precautionary measures, in order to avoid complications.

What Happens If Intimate Hygiene Is Not Followed?

  •         Burning sensation
  •         Itching
  •         Pain
  •         White discharge 
  •         Foul smell
  •         Further can lead to infections of reproductive organs

What Are The Benefits Of Intimate Hygiene?

  •         Helps to prevent infection
  •         Reduces itching
  •         Reduces burning sensation and pain
  •         Helps in prevention/avoiding the spread of infections to a higher level.
  •         Balances PH
  •         Keeps the area moist
  •         Takes off foul smell

Which Is The Intimate Hygiene That One Has To Follow? 1

  1. Usage of good intimate wash– clinically tested, dermatologically proven intimate wash to be used. It helps in case of infection. Usage of soaps/gels alters the PH of the vagina, which affects good bacterial growth.
  2. Washing with plain water– sometimes only plain water wash helps in cleaning the vagina and maintains its health.
  3. Washing only outside of the intimate area– as the vagina has a self-cleaning mechanism, one need not wash internally. It affects the mucosa.
  4. Don’t spray water directly into the vagina– it may cause the entry of bacteria. As it is a sensitive part, it may cause mucosal irritation/damage, wash gently with water.
  5. No usage of sponges or gloves– like the skin of an intimate area is sensitive, it may cause damage to the mucosa.
  6. Usage of soft towel– use a dry, soft towel to wipe the area.
  7. Wash well before and after sexual intercourse- this avoids the transmission and growth of bacteria
  8. Changing sanitary pads during the menstrual cycle– sanitary pads should be changed every 4-6hrs(depending upon flow). This helps in the prevention of rashes during the cycle and keeps the area clean, fresh, and healthy.
  9. Usage of dry, clean undergarments– using wet undergarments leads to fungal growth and itching of the vagina. Undergarments should be dried under a sun shade, as it kills the bacterias.
  10. Using clean washrooms– untidy washrooms spreads infection quickly, so always use clean and tidy washrooms.

These are the intimate hygiene routines everyone should follow in order to maintain and keep intimate areas healthy. The majority of the vaginal washes available on the market are filled with chemicals, to get a good fragrance.

Chemicals In Vaginal Wash And Their Side Effects2:

Chemical Name

Side Effects

Benzethonium chloride

Maternal and embryotoxicity

Diaolidinyl urea

Allergic rash


Allergic rash

FD and C yellow No.5

Allergic reaction


Allergic rash


Allergic rash, Cancer

Chemicals used in the intimate wash, affects the vaginal area from simple rashes to endocrine disturbances, infertility. In order to avoid all these, one can opt for natural products. Herbcience products are the best example of this.

Herbcience products are made of 100% natural, organic, vegan products, and chemical free. It has shown tremendous results without causing any hazards.

Features Of Hercience Products:

  • 100% Natural (No added Chemicals, No Artificial Preservatives / Colors/ Fragrances)
  • 100% Safe (Free from SLS/ SLES/ PEG/ Sulphates/ Paraben/ Silicones/ DEA/ TEA etc.)
  • Clinically proven & recommended by Doctors. 
  • Compliant with international safety standards – MADE SAFE, COSMO-NATURALS, EWG.
  • Fresh Extraction of herbs for Effective Performance. 
  • A Proprietary Ayurvedic Medicine for Hair/Skin/Body/Personal care, Certified by AYUSH, Govt of India.


It is a specially formulated wash for women to maintain hygiene in their intimate areas.

What Are The Benefits Of Using It?

  • Phyto Components like Tannins, Beta-Sitosterol, and Oleoresins present in herbs possess strong anti-microbial, antibacterial and antifungal properties, and hence they can be prevented by itching and irritation.  
  • Cineole & Essential oils present in herbs are aromatic and hence can beat unpleasant odor.
  • Saponins present in the herbs help in the proper cleansing activity. 
  • Citric Acid and Palmitic Acid present in the herbs maintain the optimum pH (3.5-4.5) of the intimate area, which avoids bacterial growth.


Intimate hygiene has a vital role in women’s health. Hence one can use Herbcience products to maintain intimate hygiene without having any adverse effects.

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