Have we ever wondered why in the current era there is such a rapid explosive boom of stress and its related diseases like Diabetes, Hypertension, Sudden Cardiac diseases from a very young age?

When we glance at our memories of old known relatives 10 years ago, we could remember thick white hair individuals. But presently the most common middle age sign is baldness to a varying degree. If Hormones are considered to be the main culprit in males then it is also a fact that hormones have been there since our very creation and how come suddenly they become our villains?

The two scenarios we have discussed here, do have any correlation, and if so, what is the common solution. Could it be due to the fact of a missing regimen or a missing medicine?

So let us find out!

Medical facts of Scalp Physiology and Brain Metabolism

In a normal individual the rate of blood flow to the scalp is 10 times more than in other areas of the skin. Moreover, it was found that this scalp blood flow reduces by 2.5 times in individuals with early male pattern baldness. 

Brain temperature is most critical for optimal function and the scalp veins play a major role in optimizing brain function by acting as a vascular thermal shield. 

Whenever there is excess stress it stimulates an increase in brain temperature and excess brain temperature has a devastating effect on brain function and organ systems. It is because of specific brain circuits.

Stress releases cortisol which in excess of imbalance causes diseases like increased blood cholesterol, triglycerides, blood sugar, and blood pressure. Which are the common risk factors for heart disease. This stress can also cause changes that promote the buildup of plaque deposits in the arteries.


Such arterial deposits can occur anywhere and pose a life-threatening challenge.

Is there any hack or cheat code to this problem?

Even if we know we are facing stress in our lives we can not abandon our careers, jobs, and responsibilities. In Fact, we need the ability to even handle more stress to progress in life.

Scientific Effects of a Head Massage

Rhythmic mechanical stimulation of the scalp improves intracranial circulation in both animal and human studies. Thereby improving the optimal brain function and better temperature regulation. It simply means that it gives more functional capacity for the brain to work. Simple yet effective!

In a study, a healthy individual was subjected to stress-causing activation of the sympathetic nervous system, and then she was given 25 minutes of scalp massage. After the therapy when she was checked for norepinephrine and cortisol levels in her blood it was found to be decreased.  Thus it was concluded that scalp massage was effective in achieving hormonal balance. 

In our day-to-day life, this translates to completely removing the wear and tear caused by stress hormones, thereby preventing the origin of chronic stress-related diseases.

A Glimpse from the past and Hope into Future

If we look back 20 years we can find that head massage was religiously practiced by everyone. Now we know scientifically the reason for their stress handling ability. The things we often ignore turn out to be a solid long-term investment opportunities with multiplying benefits.

Currently, Head massages are a luxurious therapy in the west that only the rich can afford. The demand for professional head massagers with good skills is also on the rise. Scientifically every individual needs the benefits of head massage to counteract the birth of stress-related diseases.

Requirements of Current Era

Hair Care

  • Natural Substances that promote Hair Growth and Maintain the Health of the hair: Natural Vitamins like Vit A, B, E, and D promote healthy scalp hair growth and also nourish the scalp skin.  Phyto-nutrients like Lignans, Catechins also benefit hair growth.

  • Natural Substances that block Hormonal effects on hair without the side effects: Beta Sitosterol, Eugenol, and Apigenin act as a direct DHT blocker, Lauric Acid, and Mystic acid bind with testosterone and make it unavailable for conversion.

  • Healing and recovery of scalp from previous damage caused by harmful chemicals: Vit A, B, and E help in regenerative changes and also enable to endure oxidative stress and age-related harmful effects. Bacosides help in increasing the rate of healing and regeneration.

  • Increasing Follicular blood flow: Catechin increases the microcirculation of the follicles keeping them well nourished and strongly rooted.

Scalp and Head Care

  • Neuroprotective action for soothing, anxiolytic, and antidepressant action: Vit B improves the production of neurotransmitters and helps in preventing cognitive decline. Phenols also are proven to have neuroprotective properties and prevent diseases like       Alzheimer's. Quercetin helps in reducing inflammation of the neurons and prevents cognitive decline. Catechins have been reported to possess potent iron-chelating, radical-scavenging, and anti-inflammatory activities and protect neuronal death. 

  • Anti Inflammatory and Anti Microbial Action: Anthraquinones, and Flavonoids are now studied extensively for their antibacterial and antifungal properties. 

  • Increasing Scalp blood flow: Menthol increases the blood flow in the scalp which helps in maintaining the perfusion of the scalp and thermoregulatory function of the brain. 

Time is the most precious entity in a fast life hence it is essential that a head massage product contains all the above qualities for multiple benefits in a small time spent.

At HERBCIENCE the scientists worked on this essential area to come up with a product that is matching the requirements of the current era.

HERBCIENCE Rejuvenating Head Massage Oil

Benefits of Rejuvenating Head Massage Oil are:

  • De-Stress
  • Boosts Natural Hair Color
  • Prevents Hair Loss

Scientific research and Current health requirements are the Blueprint of HERBCIENCE products. The photo-component knowledge at the level of the herbs and their purpose has been clearly explained. Herbcience collected all the essential ingredients that can make the head massage oil a true MIDAS TOUCH. For the ingredients list and the detailed description, please refer to www.herbcience.com

What is the scientific basis that makes “Herbcience Head Massage Oil” deliver the Midas touch for the needy individual? Tila & Madhuka are rich in Vitamins A, B, C, and E  which are very essential for scalp health, hair growth, and prevention of age-related degeneration.


Dashamoola and Bhringaraja are rich in Flavonoids, Anthraquinones, and Phenols which have a combined effect of Antifungal, Antibacterial, and DHT Blockage thus forming three-way protection (outer environmental and inner Hormonal). 

Draksha is rich in Catechins which improve the microcirculation around the hair follicle. It is also rich in  Vit B6 which helps in neurotransmitter production and Neurological diseases. The Catechins have also been proven to be effective in preventing neuronal cell death. 

Menthol which is found in Peppermint has a vasodilatory effect on the scalp and hence improves the scalp circulation and thermoregulation of the brain. Bramhi is rich in Bacosides and its whole drug study has been found to be effective in managing neuropathic pain. It also improves the healing of chronic non-healing lesions.

The Combination of scalp-oriented and brain-oriented phytochemical combination makes this product a unique force multiplier in fighting stress and other scalp problems.


Brain is the least cared for organ in the current era but it accounts for most of the modern-day diseases resulting from stress-induced diseases. The tricky thing is if a disease for E.g. diabetes originated due to stress resulting in Cortisol dysfunction, its proper care will always be insufficient by just glucose-lowering drugs.

Stress is such an invisible pandemic that we can’t even acknowledge and rather deny it passively. We can’t change the world outside but let’s accept the gift that nature has given us to manage our inner brain physiology. Nature has given us a complete care package that not only takes care of the external scalp and hair but also conditions the inner brain. 

Head massage with HERBCIENCE Head Massage Oil is hence the most essential MIDAS TOUCH that humanity Needs.

To help you live in sync with nature, we have a solution with HERBCIENCE Products… Why wait? Just go and pick your choice for products from the wide range of personal care products that are 100% Natural and 100% Safe, certified by ECOCERT per Cosmos-Natural, and compliant with Made Safe (USA).

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