Satyavathi was very excited today as one of her grandsons Sonu is returning back home after finishing his medical degree in the US. When they reached home it was like rainfall in the dese her other grandson Monu had gone to pick up Sonu from the airport.

Everyone was very happy and ecstatic to see Sonu after 9 long years. But Satyavathi’s eye caught a reddish rash on Sonu’s wrist which he was trying to hide. After a few hours, Satyavathi asked Sonu about the rash when he was discussing his plans with his brother. 

Sonu replied that he developed an allergic rash due to exposure to sanitizers. Satyavathi compassionately said, “just put Aloe Vera leaf pulp 2 times a day you will get relief in a few days”. Monu suddenly exclaimed, “for any skin problem, be it burns, injury, dermatitis, etc you want to use Aloe Vera for everything”, you always show the Importance of Aloe Vera. 

He further sarcastically added up “even for hair problems you keep suggesting Aloe Vera, not to mention even for stomach ulcers and headaches. I think you are a brand ambassador of Aloe Vera”. 

Satyavathi smiled and replied that she advises the benefits of Aloe Vera on Skin and Hair only on what she has experienced throughout her lifetime. While her words didn’t have an impact on Monu who was an engineer by profession and had the least interest in health sciences, Sonu remembered something. 

Sonu suddenly had a flash memory regarding an article he had come across while doing research on non-healing ulcers. Compelled by the confidence of his grandma, Sonu decided to find out if any research is available regarding Aloe vera. 

After 2 days there was a small function in the house and Sonu was very eager to share with everyone the scientific facts he found regarding the benefits of Aloe Vera on Skin and Hair.

During the function, Sonu was asked about how he was feeling to be back?

Sonu: Honestly speaking when I came back a strong feeling of knowing a lot accompanied me. But one small conversation with our grandma made me realize nature has infinite knowledge.

Everyone was curious about what happened and then Sonu narrated the incident.

Sonu: Usually after the 50’s it is a common trend to have a box with 5 to 6 chambers and each having a single drug for a particular illness. 

Not to mention how meticulously one has to maintain it. But I am amazed to see that nature has the power to put more than thousands of medicines in a single herb.

Moreover, it is amazing to know a single herb can play roles ranging from a Moisturizer, Anti-dandruff to that Anti Cancer, Rapid Healing of wounds, Anti-aging, etc. It is even researched for its use in burn wounds, Infections, and for treatment of side effects of cancer radiation. 

The entire family was shocked that what Satyavathi used to practice and advice regarding Aloe vera is very scientific and effective. Sonu goes on narrating what is the science behind the various benefits of Aloe Vera on Skin and Hair.

Common Day-to-Day Benefits of Aloe Vera on Skin and Hair

Aloe vera naturally enhances the hydration of skin through the Humectant mechanism. It enables the skin to retain more water in the skin. 


Aloe Vera is found to have Aloe-emodin, aloetic-acid, ethanol, barbaloin, isobarbaloin, emodin, and ester of cinnamic acid which are naturally antibacterial and help in reducing Acne. 


70% strength of Aloe Vera was found to inhibit sunburn without causing a bleaching effect. It consists of glycoprotein with antiallergic properties that prevents sunburn. 

Hair growth

Aloe Vera contains proteins called Lectins and a lectin-like substance. It is also rich in copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, potassium, phosphorous, sodium, and zinc. This makes Aloe Vera an excellent promoter of hair growth. 

Anti Dandruff

Enzymes like lipase, oxidase, phosphoenolpyruvate, carboxylase, and superoxide dismutase are found in Aloe Vera and are known to have effective anti-dandruff properties. 

Hair Conditioner

Aloe Vera also contains fatty acids called linolenic acid, B Sitosterol, and triglycerides. These substances act as a natural conditioner for hair.

Special Uses

Faster healing of Burn Injury. In a study, Aloe Vera was found to have increased the rate of healing in a burn wound. 

Bactericidal and Fungicidal

Aloe Vera leaf was found to be effective in preventing the growth of microorganisms like P. Aeruginosa and C. Albicans. These organisms are often resistant to multiple drugs. Hence Aloe Vera also proves protection from hospital-acquired infections.

Faster recovery from radiation-induced skin death or necrosis

Aloe Vera is known to contain active ingredients like carboxypeptidase and salicylates. These help in faster recovery in radiation-induced necrosis. After the elaborate explanation by Dr. Sonu, the entire family was speechless and Satyavathi was bubbling with contentment. Everyone realized the benefits of Aloe Vera on Skin and Hair in everyone’s life.

Suddenly Monu, the engineer’s grandson did a quick Google search for side effects of Aloe Vera. He argued with Dr. Sonu that it has been reported to have side effects like skin irritation. Sonu patiently replied There are 2 factors for such a condition.

  1. The person might be allergic, hence one must do a patch test before trying it out for the first time.
  2. The place of origin or growth can subject it to contamination with aflatoxins, heavy metals, etc. The simplest solution is to have it grown in our own garden. Companies procuring on a large scale must perform all necessary tests on the raw drug for its safe usage.

Satyavathi congratulated Sonu for sharing with everyone the benefits of Aloe Vera on Skin and Hair. 

She smilingly asked Sonu “Do you know any company which honestly uses Good quality, Aloe Vera, for hair and skin products?” She gave the reason for asking the question that now when everyone wants to use Aloe Vera they will come after her plant. And it cannot sustain everyone’s needs.

Sonu replied “After thorough research and analysis I have found a company dedicated to providing 100% natural care in Hair and Skincare, they use high quality and lab-tested Aloe Vera in their products”

Sonu: Let me introduce you to HERBCIENCE Certified by ECOCERT – COSMOS as 100% Natural & 100% Safe.

They use International standards of Laboratory testing to select only the highest grade of Aloe Vera.

Aloe Vera Used in Skincare Products-

HERBCIENCE Natural Glow Pro-Collagen Face Pack

Benefits of Pro-Collagen Face Pack are:

  • Skin Whitening
  • Anti-Acne
  • Skin Nourishment

HERBCIENCE Natural Glow Pro-Collagen Face Cream

Benefits of Pro-Collagen Face Cream are: 

  • Skin Glow
  • Skin Whitening
  • Anti - Acne
  • Skin Nourishment

HERBCIENCE Revitalizing Pro-Collagen Face Wash

Benefits of Pro-Collagen Face Wash are:

  • Deep Cleansing
  • Skin Conditioning
  • Anti-Acne

Aloe Vera Used in Haircare Products-

HERBCIENCE Hair Nourishing Pro-V Keratin Shampoo

Benefits of Pro-V Keratin Shampoo are:

  • Deep Cleansing
  • Anti-Dandruff
  • Hair Growth

HERBCIENCE Replenishing Pro-V Hair Conditioner

Benefits of Pro-V Keratin hair Conditioner are:

  • Deep Cleansing
  • Anti-Dandruff
  • Promotes Hair Growth
  • Prevents Hair fall


Aloe Vera is one of the most consumed drugs in the cosmetic industry due to its multiple benefits for skin and hair care. It is very safe to have it grown in one’s own garden. But if not possible it is very essential to look for the product brand that follows the highest level of safety. 

A single Aloe vera has the potential to substitute many hair and skin care products. At HERBCIENCE their mission is to ensure a happy transition from a chemical-based cosmetic product to a highly effective and 100% Natural Product.

Why expose ourselves to 300 different types of chemicals per day? Eventually leading to an accumulation of 0.6kg of harsh chemicals per year in our body leaving us at risk of toxicity, Cancer, microbial resistance, etc. “Take care of skin and hair naturally”. Why Toxics?  Go Naturals!

To solve all these issues, we have a solution with HERBCIENCE Products… Why wait? Just go and pick your choice for products from the wide range of personal care products that are 100% Natural and 100% Safe, certified by ECOCERT per Cosmos-Natural, and compliant with Made Safe (USA).

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