Have ever wondered why Herbceince face pack is considered versatile? then this write-up is for you. Here we shall discuss what is face pack, the importance of a face pack, why to consider Herbcience skin products, what is the composition of Herbcience natural glow pro-collagen face pack, what is unique about Herbcience natural glow pro-collagen face pack, and why should you give up on your regular chemical-based face pack, what are the benefits of Herbcience natural glow pro-collagen face pack? 

What is a face pack?

A face pack is a thick paste that you spread on your face. It is allowed to dry for a short time, and then removed, and cleaned thoroughly. A face pack is applied to the face and neck to nourish the skin in sensitive areas.

What is skin?

Our skin is the largest organ of the body yet it is important to keep healthy. The topical application of Face packs can help protect the skin from harmful environmental factors. This removes excess oil on the surface of the skin and also gives a natural glow. Face packs are not only good for the skin but they also relax you. So, we need to understand or know the ingredients that go into the product.

What are the uses of face packs?

A face pack is used for the following-

  • skin exfoliate- to remove dead cells from the skin.
  • Promotes skin glow and skin lightening.
  • Controls oil in oily skin and moisturizes dry skin.
  • Controls acne.
  • Improves circulation to the skin.
  • Rejuvenate skins.

With a face pack posing a variety of uses, are you confused as to which one to choose for your skin?

Why choose Herbceince?

All Herbcience products are certified by ECOCERT - COSMOS Natural, which is a European Standard, AYUSH, Govt. of India, clinically proven and recommended by doctors for skin nourishment, to reduce hyperpigmentation, de-tan, lighten the skin and achieve healthy skin complexion and brightness. Herbcience products are prepared from fresh extracts of herbs. This increases the effectiveness of the products. Herbcience products are prepared under the guidelines of MADE SAFE, EWG. Herbcience products are natural solutions that are suitable for all types of skin from normal to oily to dry skin and also suitable for chemically treated skin.

What is the composition of Herbcience Natural glow pro-collagen face pack?

Herbs like Chandana1, Manjistha2, Turmeric3, Lodhra4, Lemongrass5, Usheera6, Aloe vera7, Shea Butter8, and Olive oil9  have been formulated in Herbcience Natural glow pro-collagen face pack. These herbs are known to remove dead cells, skin de-tanning, nourish skin, improve blood circulation and rejuvenate the skin tone. These herbs are enriched with nutrients like Vitamin-A, Vitamin-C, Vitamin-E, Biotin, amino acids, omega-3 Fatty acids, and minerals that promote skin brightening.

Why Herbcience Natural glow pro-collagen face pack is unique?

The unique thought to have a tie-up with herbal Phyto-components and skin nourishment resulted in formulating  Herbcience Natural glow pro-collagen face pack: 

To achieve healthy glowing skin, to remove dead skin, to protect the skin from UV-rays exposure, and environmental impurities this product was formulated. Herbals used in this face pack are entitled to skin smoothening, improving complexion, protection from UV rays, maintaining moisture in the body, deep cleansing, with anti-wrinkle properties, and also improve blood circulation for the skin and de-tanning and skin rejuvenation. Fatty acids like oleic acid, Linoleic acid, Palmitic acid, and stearic acid are found abundant in herbs like shea butter, olive oil, and glycerin which helps in skin de-tanning which results in skin lightening and maintaining moisture in the skin. Phyto- components like Curcuminoids, Anthraquinone, Kojic acid, and Purpurin inhibits the action of Tyrosine, in turn promoting skin brightening. Saponins present in the herbs provide deep cleansing along with Shea butter, aloe vera16, glycerine provides skin hydration, and fatty acids like lauric, Myristic, omega 3 & Omega 6 provide moisturizer to the skin.

Why should you give up on your regular face pack?

Regular chemical-based face packs are formulated along with chemicals in the form of preservatives or cream base or in the form of saponins. These chemicals are known to cause deathly health hazards. Let us list a few chemicals that we come across in our day-to-day routine, that are commonly used in our face pack. Also, as the health hazards caused by them.


Chemical in the Product


on the Product

Health hazard on usage

Face Pack




Face Pack

Triethylene glycol


Skin Irritation

Face Pack



Cancer, Organ toxicity

Face Pack

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate


Cancer, Organ toxicity, Eye irritation, skin irritation

Therefore it is always wise to use a herbal based Herbcience Natural glows pro-collagen face pack, which is completely free from any form of chemical. 

What are the benefits of  Herbcience Natural glow pro-collagen face pack?

Herbcience Natural Glow Pro-Collagen Face pack


  • Anti-acne
  • Skin lightening
  • Skin nourishment 

How to use Herbcience Natural glow pro-collagen face pack? 

Step-1: Rinse your face

Step-2: Use a sufficient quantity of face pack, and apply around your face and neck region evenly

Step-3: Wait for 15 min to dry. Do not artificially dry the face pack

Step-4: Rinse with warm water.

Repeatedly weekly to achieve excellent results 


A face pack is a skincare product that is applied to the face, neck, and other exposed areas of the body. The main function of a face pack is to cleanse the skin and remove excess dirt from it. It also helps in boosting the skin’s absorption power. And if that’s not enough, a face pack can also be used as a tool for combating acne. A good face pack should be made from natural ingredients and should have no harmful chemicals in it. Chemicals can be found in almost every beauty product you use.

However, many of these ingredients are harmful and can cause skin irritation, allergic reactions, and other skin problems. To ensure that you are using the safest products possible, seek out products that have been certified as Natural”. Products labeled as “Natural” contain ingredients that come from a plant-based source, including fruits, vegetables, and herbs.

To solve all these issues, we have a solution with HERBCIENCE product having a wide range of beauty care products. This is 100% Natural and 100% Safe, certified by ECOCERT per Cosmos Natural.


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Frequently asked questions

1. Why consider herbs in face packs?

Herbs are safe and gentle on the skin. Herbs are known to rejuvenate skin traditionally and are known for the least side effects.

2. How do I fix wrinkles on my face?

To heal the wrinkles on the face regularly use of Herbcience Natural Glow Pro-collagen Face pack.

3. How to remove acne from your face?

To reduce the hyperpigmentation on your face it is wise to pack your face with Herbcience Natural Glow Pro-collagen Face pack.