Is mental stress part and parcel of your routine? If yes, then this blog discussion shall definitely help you in handling your stressful routine. Here we shall discuss on classical definition of stress, brief classical types of stress, signs that indicate stress is part of your routine, mechanism of stress and the body’s defence response, quick remedies to manage the stressful scenario, and why consider herbal de-stress oils in place of chemical-based oil, herbs to consider in rejuvenation herbal oil, a tie-up between de-stressing herbs and stress, herbal oil to consider for physical rejuvenation and mental rejuvenation and why consider HERBCIENCE products for de-stress?

Why is it important to de-stress?

With the day-to-day activities and routine, the body is prone to a lot of wear and tear, physically and mentally. Only when physical and mental stress is managed, is the body rejuvenates out and out.

Classical definition:

Stress is an emotional state of mind, which can affect the physical and mental state of mind due to any events or thoughts that can cause nervousness or frustration or anger, sorrow, or all.

These conditions not only affect your mental state but also the physical condition of your body. 

How is stress classified?

Stress can be briefly classified into 2:

  • Acute stress: stress that occurs for a short duration. Example: pity fight with a loved one, bungee jumping, jet- ski ride, etc
  • Chronic stress: stress that occurs for a long duration. Example: in an unhealthy relationship, trouble at work, trouble with the neighbor, any health issue, etc.

Are there signs that indicate stress?

Yes, there are signs that indicated you are “Stressed”

  • Mood swings and tiredness, exhaust.
  • Weak immunity.
  • Irritative and thoughtful mind throughout the day
  • Lack of concentration, forgetfulness.
  • Headaches, frequent aches, pain in the body, sleeplessness
  • Loss of appetite or overeating, indigestion, stomach up- sets, Diarrhea, or constipation.  
  • Sexual concerns.
  • Participating in activities like smoking, abusive alcohol substance abuse, gambling

How does your body react?

Mechanism of stress and the human body’s defense response: When a human comes across a stressful scenario, the body’s system alerts the brain.

The brain releases hormones to stabilize the activities. When these alerts are received frequently, then it is of major health concern, which will include: obesity, diabetes, hypertension, deranged cholesterols, heart concerns, depression, anxiety, Panic attacks, insomnia, and also menstrual concerns.

How do you handle stress scenarios?

Quick remedies to manage stressful scenarios

  • Speak to someone who you are comfortable with. Learn to say “no” when necessary.
  • Practice breathing techniques like Nadi shudhi pranayama, Brahmari Pranayama. Or simply inhale and exhale for 10 rounds while concentrating on the breathing pattern.
  • Improvise your presence of mind with yoga.
  • Regularly rejuvenate your body mentally and physically by regular application of medicated oil that will calm your mind.
  • Consult an expert if need be.
  • More than 50-60% of stress conditions can be cured with simple rejuvenation therapies. Rejuvenation therapies include head massage with medicated oil for mental de-stress and body massage with medicated oil for physical de-stress.

Consider herbal medicated oil

Why consider herbal de-stress oils in place of chemical-based oil. Let us glance at regular medicated oil which promises to rejuvenate and reduce stress levels and the chemicals in them with their health hazards.

Product Chemicals in the product Labelled on the Product Health hazards of usage
       Body Massage oil  Butylated Compounds1 BHA, BHT Cancer, Reproductive impairment, Developmental impairment
Body Massage oil  Artificial Fragrance2 Parfum, Natural flavor, Artificial flavor, Flavor Cancer
Body Massage oil  Benzophenone3 Benzophenone, BPZ Cancer, Reproductive impairment, endocrine system impairment, organ toxicity
Body Massage oil  Coal Tar4 Coal Tar solution, Tar coal Cancer, Organ Toxicity
Body Massage oil  Ethanolamine compounds5 DEA, TEA Cancer, Organ Toxicity
Head Massage Oil Mineral Oil7 Mineral Oil Skin irritation
Head Massage Oil Light Liquid Paraffin6 LLP skin irritation and cancer
Head Massage Oil Artificial Fragrance2 Perfume, flavour, artificial flavour, natural flavour Cancer

Considering the damage caused by regular massage oils, it is wiser to consider herbal massage oils in place of regular oil to keep away from side effects on the skin and other organ systems.

Safe herbs you should consider in massage oil:

Herbs are always preferred for wear and tear repairing and rejuvenation. Herbs to consider in body massage oil are Til Oil, Kapikacchu, Eranda, Rasna, Shatavari, Bala, Saindhava Lavana, Manjistha, Camphor, Eucalyptus, Soya seed oil are enriched with the essence of vitamin- C, Vitamin- A, Vitamin- E, Biotin, Amino Acids, Omega-3 Fatty acids and minerals that arrest pain and helps in repairing damage, enhance quick healing and rejuvenation, also promotes skin complexion.

Herbs to consider in head massage oil are Bringaraj, Till oil, Brahmi, Madhuca, Devadaru, Neelini are lavishly enriched with nutrients like Vitamin-A, Vitamin-C, Vitamin-E, Biotin, amino acids, omega-3 Fatty acids, and minerals that relax the scalp and improves blood supply to scalp and brain that calms down all stress also enhance the hair growth.

Significant tie-up of herbal Phyto-components and de-stress

In order to arrest stress, insist on the usage of herbal massage oils for the head and body, which are responsible for quick repair of body cells and herbs that ensure complete rejuvenation, relaxation along with promoting skin texture, improved complexion and hair growth, maintaining body moisture and improving blood circulation throughout the body when oil massage is performed in a traditional method. 

Phyto- Components like Glutathione, Anthraquinone, Curcuminoids improves skin brightening. Methyl Salicylate, Cineole helps in relaxation. Tannins, Terpenoids, Xanthones, Quercetin provide Anti- Bacterial, Anti-Fungal, Anti- Microbial, and Anti- Inflammatory properties. Also phyto- components like Curcuminoids, Anthraquinone, Kojic acid, Purpurin inhibits the action of Tyrosine, in turn promoting skin brightening.

What is the safe herbal de-stress oil?

HERBCIENCE Rejuvenating Body Massage Oil

Benefits of HERBCIENCE Rejuvenating Body Massage Oil

  • Rejuvenation
  • Skin complexion
  • Enhance blood circulation
  • Relieves body pain

HERBCIENCE Rejuvenating Head Massage Oil

Benefits of HERBCIENCE  Rejuvenating Head Massage Oil

  • De-stress
  • Rejuvenation
  • Enhance blood circulation

Why consider HERBCIENCE medicated oil?

HERBCIENCE is a 100% transparent brand and all the products are developed by doctors, with the fresh extractions of herbs. They are 100% Natural certified by ECOCERT – COSMOS Natural, a European Standard, AYUSH, Govt. of India, and compliant with MADE SAFE, USA.


Thus, when it comes to de-stress mentally and physically, herbs are always the right choice. Considering that chemicals come with warning signs, prevention is always better than cure. It is smart to consider herbs for rejuvenation. 

Also consider the usage of herbal-based HERBCIENCE medicated oils, in place of harmful chemical-based medicated oil.  


  1. Butylated Compounds:
  2. Artificial Fragrance:
  3. Benzophenone:
  4. Coal Tar :
  5. Ethanolamine compounds :
  6. Light Liquid Paraffin:
  7. Mineral Oil:

Frequently asked questions

Q.1: How important is stress management?

Ans: When there is constant stress in routine, this affects the bodily metabolism, which causes lifestyle disorders like diabetes, hypertension, hypothyroidism and many more. Therefore it is important to de-stress

Q 2: How to control stress?

Ans: Stress can be kept at bay by considering, physical rejuvenation and mental de-stressing regularly

Q 3: What are the suitable oils for de-stress?

Ans: HERBCIENCE Rejuvenating Body Massage Oil for physical rejuvenation and HERBCIENCE Rejuvenating Head Massage Oil for mental de-stress.

O 4: What are the suitable oils for de-stress?

Ans: HERBCIENCE Rejuvenating Body Massage Oil for physical rejuvenation and HERBCIENCE Rejuvenating Head Massage Oil for mental de-stress.