Say bye-bye to the dark spots.

Dark spots or Hyper-pigmentation is a common condition in which there is increased production of the pigment Melanin. Melanin is responsible for maintaining normal skin color. It protects the skin cells from DNA damage. When the production of Melanin increases in a particular area of the skin it appears darker compared to the surrounding skin.

These dark spots have a profound impact on the self-esteem of the affected individuals. So, there is a great necessity for a genuine solution for a lot of people facing this problem. Let’s dive deep into the causes and best solutions for treating Dark spots or Hyper-pigmentation.

Why do we get Dark Spots?

Pigmentation of the skin is a natural process. It protects the deep multiplying layers of skin from DNA damage due to harmful radiations. This process differs from person to person geographically depending on the intensity of sunlight. 


For e.g. in the equatorial region, people have very high melanin formation but in the arctic, the melanin in the skin is very low. So, one of the causes of excess pigment formation is increased exposure to sunlight.

Certain Drugs like Tetracycline, Bleomycin, Chlorpromazine, Oral contraceptives, etc. so cause Dark Spots. Allergic reactions, skin infections, and, Inflammatory skin lesions tend to end up as Hyperpigmented areas of skin. Hormonal changes also play a major role in some people, especially middle-aged women causing dark spots.

Cosmic hyper-pigmentation is the most emerging cause in which cosmetics are the cause for hyperpigmentation. Free radical damage which is a part of the aging process is the predominant cause in the elderly.

What is the process in which skin gets Dark spots?

Any of the previously discussed causes stimulated the Melanocyte to produce Tyrosinase. 

Tyrosinase is the precursor to the formation of Tyrosine. This ultimately gets converted to Melanin. Localized stimulation of Melanocytes over a limited area leads to the formation of Dark spots or Hyper-pigmentation.

How do treat Dark Spots in the best possible way?

The process of Melanin formation involves a chain of enzymatic reactions.


A combination of natural products that block different aspects of this pathway would be the best answer to Dark spots. 

Furthermore, removing the already formed hyper-pigmented area requires some attention. An increased rate of remodeling of skin cells after the melanin synthesis is controlled. 

Prevention from further recurrence is the final aspect of complete management of Hypo-pigmentation or Dark skin. 

Solutions available in the market 


Hydroquinones are used in creams for treating dark spots. They have their role in the inhibition of melanin synthesis. Studies have shown them to be carcinogenic and induce tumor growth.  


Ceramides are used to improve the barrier function of the skin. It protects the basement membrane of the skin but has been found to trigger the cellular death of skin cells.


Methimazole is a drug used for treating hyperthyroidism. It is used topically for lightening the skin. There had been a case report of necrosis of the epidermal skin layer in a child by the use of topical Methimazole.


Preservatives like Parabens are the most common ingredients of cosmetic products, but they are ignored by customers. These have a direct role in causing hormonal variations.

Ways in which Natural Substances help to overcome dark spots

Process of Melanin formation and role of Natural Substances.

Process of melanin formation 

Natural substances that block the Process of    

 melanin formation 

Stimulation of DNA synthesis

 due to irritants

Anti-inflammatory and Anti Oxidants

Phytosterol, Glycyrretinic acid, Vit C, Vit E,  

 and Apigenin

Genetic Transcription to 

synthesize Tyrosinase

Down regulators of Tyrosinase

Retinoids and Cinnamic acid

Glycosylation of Tyrosinase

Glycosylation Inhibitors

N acetyl glucosamine, Tunicamycin, 


Tyrosine activation

Tyrosine inhibitors and chelators

Kojic acid, Ascorbic acid, Resorcinols,  

 Arbutin and, Anthraquinone, etc.

Release of Melanosomes

Melanosome release inhibitors

Lecithins, Neo Glycoprotien(Lysine), and 

 Soy milk extract

Removing already formed Dark Spots and Role of Natural Substances

Removing already formed Dark spots

Natural Substances aiding the process of removing dark spots

Increase in Epidermal cell turnover

Natural Salicylic acid, Glycolic acid, and Linoleic acid

Blocking the Signals for Melanin 

Synthesis cycle

ROS scavengers

Ascorbic acid,  Hydrocaumarins and Phenols

Prevention of Dark Spots formation and Role of Natural Substances.

Prevention of Dark spot formation

Natural Substances aiding the process

Prevention of DNA damage to cells

Glycosides, Flavonoids, Umbelliferon, and Saponins.

Maintaining a healthy skin

Vit A, Vit B, Vit C, and Essential fatty acids

Healing of skin


There are numerous products for managing  Dark spots or Hyperpigmentation. Due to the multiple steps of the melanin cycle there always exists an untreated enzymatic pathway. It keeps on triggering the formation of Dark spots. 

So, there is a requirement for a product that contains all the Phyto-chemicals to moderate all the steps of the melanin cycle. Moreover, it should also be successful in building up the resistance of the skin to further irritation, which can trigger the melanin cycle. Finally, the essential component is the healing of already disturbed skin and melanin cycle.

Although it is too much to ask for in a single product. But years of research at HERBCIENCE have finally resulted in a product that fulfills all the above requirements.

Natural Products that will help to reduce Dark Spots on skin

HERBCIENCE Natural Glow Pro-Collagen Face Cream

Benefits of Natural Glow Pro-Collagen Face Cream are:

  • Skin Glow
  • Skin Whitening
  • Anti-Acne
  • Skin Nourishment

HERBCIENCE Natural Glow Pro-Collagen Face Pack

Benefits of Natural Glow Pro-Collagen Face Pack are: 

  • Skin Whitening
  • Anti - Acne
  • Skin Nourishment


The scientific approach is the foundation of all HERBCIENCE products. All the phytochemicals added to the products have been listed. It explains their specific action on the skin and the Melanin cycle. Reduce dark spots naturally.

So, let us decide how good the product is. This multi-step approach makes the product a one-stop solution for dark spots. For the ingredients list and the detailed description, please refer to

The Science behind Natural Glow PRO-COLLAGEN FACE CREAM and FACE PACK

Anthraquinones and  Purpurin present in Manjistha inhibits tyrosine activity by competitive inhibition mechanisms. Curcuminoids present in Kasturi haridra have a multi-level effect from repairing DNA damage that triggers excess melanin formation to anti-tyrosinase activity. It also prevents the melanin cycle triggered due to damage by free radicals. 

Lodhra and Rakta Chandana are rich in Flavonoids, Glycosides, and Saponins which not only inhibit the tyrosinase activity but also prevent damage to the basement membrane by Harmful UV rays. 

Aloe vera is rich in Vitamins essential for skin like Vit C, Vit E, Vit A, Salicylic acid, Cinnamic acid, Phenols, and Lupeol. Vit C helps in the formation of healthy collagen. So, strengthen the skin and prevent further damage. Salicylic acid helps in cell turnover. Phenols prevent Glycosylation of Tyrosinase. 

Linoleic acid present in Shea Butter and Lysine present in Masoora prevents the release of melanosomes into keratinocytes.

Apigenin present in Priyangu and Roman Chamomile Oil is an excellent protector of skin from inflammatory changes and DNA damage. Thus providing comprehensive prevention. 

Bacosides which are rich in Brahmi have proven ulcer healing properties. Hence enables speedy recovery of the skin. 

Hence Natural Glow PRO-COLLAGEN FACE CREAM and FACE PACK is the best scientific combination to manage Dark Spots.


Dark spots or Hyperpigmentation is a very common problem. Usually, people tend to live with it after trying different products and yet facing the same problem. Scientific knowledge and dedicated research have not only helped to understand the problem. But also find the pinpoint solution to every aspect of Dark spot formation.

Let us all be benefitted from this innovation. Instead of sighing at the problem of dark spots this product will help you face it with a smile and live life confidently. Let us be part of a revolution where there is no necessity to dump 300 different chemicals weighing 0.6 kg upon our bodies. Nature is very caring and powerful. Let’s embrace it and experience its wonders. Why Toxins??? Go Naturals!!!

All these issues can be solved with a tested and trusted HERBCIENCE product. Good choices are not worth delaying. Experience nature by picking your choice from the wide range of personal care products that are 100% Natural and 100% Safe, certified by ECOCERT per Cosmos-Natural, and compliant with Made Safe (USA). 

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