It’s a funny fact that water in the form of moisture is required for our body. It helps to maintain the hydration of the skin and can also cause dry skin. Almost every person from a child to an old man has faced the problem of dry skin. But ignores it 90% of the time. 

Dry skin could be a starting phase of chronic skin diseases like Dermatitis and other inflammatory skin conditions. This might be a common problem but the latest researchers have found that it is a more complex problem than it seems to be. In diabetics, dry skin has a greater risk of forming cellulitis. 

Mechanism of the formation of Dry Skin

Usually the outermost layer of skin is formed of dead cells which are rich in keratin. These cells have a strong lipid bond among themselves. So, prevent the escape of moisture from the skin. Whenever there is damage to this membrane it fails to retain moisture. This leads to the formation of dry skin.

How does the damage to the outermost skin layer occur?

It is best explained by dividing it into two categories. 



Excess use of chemicals over the skin. Thin skin in children and old age, Dry weather, Excess wasting, excessive exposure to heat and Sun

Fungal infection, Skin inflammation Dermatitis, Allergic reaction, Lack of vitamins, Drug-induced(hypolipidemic, dialysis, etc.) Lymphoma, Thyroiditis, etc.

Why do we need to worry about Normal and Physiological dry skin?

Our skin is a very complex organ with multiple super specialty roles like,

  • Maintaining the body temperature.
  • Protecting the invasion of pathogens
  • Maintain normal growth and repair of skin
  • Absorption of substances applied on the skin into blood circulation
  • Works in feedback mechanism with bone marrow
  • Excretion of metabolic waste products

All the above functions are hampered by dry skin which is detrimental to health.

When skin is dry it has excessive dead cells and damaged barriers. These act as a perfect environment for bacteria, fungi, etc., and other microorganisms for multiplying, and microorganisms easily penetrate the damaged barrier. So, causes inflammatory and infectious diseases.

In diabetic individuals, this risk is multi-fold 

Skin is one of the areas where the immune system continuously upgrades itself. It upgrades according to the environment. The pathogens in it send signals to the bone marrow. Thus fight against environmental changes. Dry skin impedes this process causing great risks to health.

The skin contains many beneficial and symbiotic bacteria which help us. When we use harsh chemicals like Selenium compounds, and Ketoconazole on our skin these symbiotic bacteria become opportunistic and get replaced by harmful bacteria.

The right approach to managing dry skin

Managing dry skin requires a holistic approach that includes:

  • Natural and non-irritating cleaning agents.
  • Natural substances which help in maintaining skin barrier integrity.
  • Anti-inflammatory substances that repair the damaged skin.
  • Antimicrobials that keep harmful microorganisms in check.

The substances applied to the skin should not hamper the natural functions of the skin.

Solutions available in the market are:



Side effects 

Glycerine from animal source


Damages barrier function of skin



Corneal Dehiscence

Propylene glycol


Central nervous system (CNS) toxicity, Hyperosmolarity, Hemolysis, Cardiac arrhythmia, Seizures, Agitation, and Lactic acidosis, etc.

Pyrrolidone Carboxylic acid

Hygroscopic  moisturizers

Skin irritant dangerous when combined with nitrosating agents. 


Improves barrier function

Triggers cell death. 


Reduces itching and flaking

Skin Irritation 



Hormonal Disturbances 

Holistic Requirements for Dry Skin

  • Natural Humectants: Herbal glycerin
  • Essential fatty acids that maintain barrier integrity: Lauric acid, Linoleic acid, etc.
  • Natural moisturizer: Oleic acid, Stearic acid, Myristic acid, etc.
  • Non Irritating skin cleansers: Vitamin C, Charcoal
  • Natural anti-inflammatory agents: Quercetin, Beta-sitosterol, etc.
  • Natural Anti-microbial (Anti-bacterial, Anti-fungal): Terpenoids, Tannins,  Xanthones, Curcuminoids and Antimicrobial fatty acids
  • Natural anti-aging substances: Antioxidants –Glycosides, Apigenin, etc.
  • Natural agents that promote healthy skin and its resilience to Damage: Natural Vit E, Vit A, and Vit B

The Natural components which will help to overcome Dry Skin

  • Glycerin from a plant source does not have proteolytic enzymes. Hence has the only beneficial function of humectants. It attracts water molecules and makes them available to the skin. Only essential fatty acids like linoleic acid and Lauric acid help in maintaining the barrier function. This helps to regulate moisture.
  • Oleic acids, Stearic acid, and Myristic acid are excellent natural moisturizers. They help to retain moisture by covalent bonding. Beta-sitosterol is proven to reduce tissue inflammation due to macrophages and as well as inflammation of the brain cells.
  • Antimicrobial fatty acids prevent the growth of harmful bacteria like Staphylococcus aureus. But promote the growth of healthy bacteria on the skin. So, maintains the skin microflora. Terpenoids, Tannins, and Xanthones have proven antimicrobial therapies. Curcuminoids have proven to act upon antibiotic-resistant bacteria.
  • Glycosides have a wide range of anti-aging activities like free radical scavenging, hypoglycemic, anti-inflammatory, and neuroprotective. Apigenin increases collagen synthesis and healthy angiogenesis. Thus making the skin more firm and lively.
  • Vit E, Vit A, and Vit B  help in maintaining healthy skin and prevent damage from Ultraviolet rays exposure and harsh chemicals.

It’s a challenge to cover all the above aspects of managing dry skin in one or two products. But the Scientists at HERBCIENCE took it as their mission to develop a product that will solve all the deep challenges to successfully curing Dry Skin.

Natural products to cure Dry Skin

HERBCIENCE Nourishing Pro-V Body Lotion

Benefits of Nourishing Pro-V Body Lotion are:

  • Enhances Skin Complexion
  • Moisturization
  • Protects from UV rays

The scientific approach is the backbone of all HERBCIENCE products. They have openly shared their in-depth knowledge at the Phyto-component level of the herbs. This helps in resolving the issue. Herbcience provides the necessary nutrients required to maintain a healthy barrier function. Thus provide the best natural moisturizer and maintain super healthy skin.

For the ingredients list and the detailed description, please refer to

The Science behind Nourishing Pro-V Body Lotion

  • Soy Glycerin is rich in humectants and emollients which prevent drying of the skin. Kardashian and Lodhra are rich in Curcuminoids, Tannins, Terpenoids, Xanthones, and Glycosides. Hence, form a cocktail of strong antimicrobial agents. 
  • Coconut Oil contains essential fatty acids like Lauric acid and antimicrobial fatty acids. This helps to maintain barrier function, prevent infection and build a healthy microflora.
  • Shea butter is also rich in essential fatty acids like Linoleic acid.It is also rich in natural moisturizers and emollients like Palmitic acid, Stearic acid Oleic acids.
  • Sesame is a storehouse of natural vitamins E, K, A, B, and also zinc compounds which act as anti-fungal. Priyangu is a source of Apigenin and Beta Sitosterol which are excellent anti-aging and anti-inflammatory.
  • The healing touch is contributed by Brahmi which is rich in Bacosides. Additionally, Curcuminoids and Lodhra have Tyrosine inhibiting activity which improves skin complexion. 
  • Natural Salicylic acid present in Jaithun acts as Anti Cancer, Anti-inflammatory, and Anti Diabetic.
  • Finally, Monolaurin present in Coconut oil prevents the growth of Viruses and Fungi. 

This makes the Pro-V Body Lotion not only the best product for dry skin but also the most comprehensive and complete skincare product. thus covering all the Current day requirements in a Pandemic and a Diabetic era.


Although dry skin is very common and mostly ignored. Timely action to maintain skin barrier function is a distress call from the skin in the form of dry skin. Dry skin should be taken with utmost care in children, the elderly, and Diabetic patients. Because these groups are susceptible to a skin infections. Stop dumping chemicals on the skin which is a training ground for the immune system. 

How can the skin be healthy if it is exposed to 300 chemicals per day? Feed the skin with natural rejuvenators instead of harsh chemicals accumulating up to 0.6 kg in the body. It is also harsh on the environment that sustains us.  

“Embrace Nature and get free from Dry Skin”. Why Toxins??? Go Naturals!!!

To solve all these issues, we have a solution with HERBCIENCE Products… Why wait? Just go and pick your choice for products from the wide range of personal care products that are 100% Natural and 100% Safe, certified by ECOCERT per Cosmos-Natural, and compliant with Made Safe (USA).


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