Our all- time companion who travels along with us, through- out our life is our body. This collaboration we developed with our body is the factor that keeps us going through all the wear and tears in our hectic schedule. This body deserves all the viable pampering.


The cell, functional unit of body, teams up in groups to form a tissue, which teams up in groups to form an organ; these organs join groups to form an organ system. All the organ systems are enclosed inside Human Body.

Gross duties of human body

  • Main duties includes: mechanical, physical, biochemical and bioelectrical activities in a day and night.
  • All the organs systems take shelter inside the body.
  • Homeostasis is maintained
  • Regulates internal environment of the body by maintaining blood circulation, right Posture, energy supply for all activities.

Regular damages forced on the Body:

  • Dehydration of skin
  • Chemical treatments on body- internally and externally
  • Getting exposed to harm full UV rays or sun rays causing sun burns
  • Unhealthy diet
  • Wrinkles, pores skin and wound scar on the skin
  • Chemical based skin treatment causes pores to open, causing infection
  • Excess dryness and oiliness of the skin.

It would be astonishing to conclude that’s, these skin concerns can be treated with simple body massage oil.

Commonly seen chemicals in your body massage oil, that promise to fix the above discussed skin conditions

Product Chemical in theproduct Labeled on theProduct Health hazard on usage
Butylated BHA, BHT Cancer, Reproductive
Compounds1 impairment,
Artificial Parfum, Natural Cancer
Body Fragrance2 flavor, Artificial
Massage oil flavor, Flavor
Benzophenone3 Benzophenone, Cancer, Reproductive
BPZ impairment, endocrine
system impairment,
organ toxicity
Coal Tar4 Coal Tar Cancer, Organ Toxicity
solution, Tar
Ethanolamine DEA, TEA Cancer, Organ Toxicity

These skin conditions are better to be treatment with herbal products rather than damaging the skin with chemicals again.

Safe herbs you should consider in your Body massage oil

Herbs are always preferred for wear and tear repairing and rejuvenation. Herbs like Til Oil6, Kapikacchu7, Eranda 8, Rasna 9, Shatavari10, Bala 11, Saindhava Lavana 12, Manjistha13, Camphora 14, Eucalyptus 15, Soya seed oil 16 are enriched with essence of vitamin- C, Vitamin- A, Vitamin- E, Biotin, Amino Acids, Omega-3 Fatty acids and minerals that arrest pain and helps in repairing damage also, promotes body skin texture and tone.

Home remedies to maintain healthy body:

  • Quality physical activities and meditation to maintain flexibility and stability.
  • Adequate hydration with plenty of fluids and seasonal fruits in diet for the metabolism and stamina
  • Regular lubrication to the body with herbal oils
  • Regular check on body vitals.

Significant tie up of herbs phyto-components and Body massage oil:

In order to achieve, successful repair of damaged bodily cells, insist on usage of herbal body massage oils, which are responsible for quick repair of bodily cells and through rejuvenation along with promoting skin texture, smoothness of skin, improved complexion, maintaining body moisture and improving blood circulation through- out the body when oil massaged is

performed in a traditional method. Phyto- Components like Glutathione, Anthraquinone, Curcuminoids improves skin brightening. Methyl Salicylate, Cineole helps in relaxation. Tannins, Terpenoids, Xanthones, Quercetin provides Anti- Bacterial, Anti-Fungal, Anti- Microbial and Anti- Inflammatory properties. Also phyto- components like Curcuminoids, Anthraquinone, Kojic acid, Purpurin inhibits the action of Tyrosine, in-turn promoting skin brightening.

Management: Since maintaining healthy Body is very significant, to achieve quick healing of wear and tear of body, one needs to stick to herbal routine.

  • Lubrication of Skin: Human body is a systematic machine, like all machines require lubricants; similarly human body too requires lubrication for effective functioning. Due to wear and tear occurred during day to day activities, microscopic cracks are developed in the muscles, which when massaged with herbal massage oil are heals quickly, arrest pain and muscle cramping, also arrest dryness, smoothen skin, improves blood circulation and promotes a sense of freshness.

Herbcience Rejuvenating Body Massage Oil, is an unique herbal formulation with Til Oil, Kapikacchu, , Eranda, Rasna, Shatavari, Bala, Saindhava Lavana, Manjistha, Camphora, Eucalyptus, Soya seed oil which are enriched with Vitamin- A, Vitamin- E, Vitamin- B helps healing pain caused due to day to day wear and tear along with promoting skin complexion. Also Phyto- Components like Glutathione, Anthraquinone, Curcuminoids improves skin brightening. Methyl Salicylate, Cineole helps in relaxation. Tannins, Terpenoids, Xanthones, Quercetin provides Anti- Bacterial, Anti-Fungal, Anti- Microbial and Anti- Inflammatory properties

Therefore, usage of herbal based massage oil on your body is always considered beneficial to repair and heal quickly with- out any side effects

All Herbcience products are certified by ECOCERT – COSMOS Natural, which is a European Standard, AYUSH, Govt. of India, clinically proven

and recommended by doctors to achieve quick healing of tear and tear, improvised blood circulation, along with healthy skin tone, complexion and brightness. Herbcience products are prepared from fresh extracts of herbs. This increases the effectiveness of the products. Herbcience products are prepared under the guidelines of MADE SAFE, EWG. Herbcience products are natural solutions which are suitable for all types of skin from normal to oily to dry skin and also suitable for chemically treated skin and skin that is damaged due to sun burns or UV Rays burn. Also for rejuvenation of body


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